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bullet"We have good leather for sale." Beautiful journals, some handmade, small leather items, purses, satchels, small train cases, painted cache boxes, more. Excellent service, discounted prices. The GoodLeather Store is temporarily closed for "remodeling." Should be open with lots of new gifts and good books in time for holiday shopping.
bulletA few excellent books by Idries Shah, Coleman Barks, Robin Bernstein, Susan Trott, Tom McFarlane, Larry Underwood, Deepak Chopra, Marion Woodman, Doris Lessing, Ken Wilber, Gregg Braden, more.
bulletBeautiful soft abstract art by Shannon.   Check out "Hummingbird" and more at Moving Color.
bulletGood food delivered to your door (sweets, organic meat, organic produce, fabulous tamales)
bulletSteph's paintings.
bulletMore artisan gifts by Friends of Harmony Workshop coming soon. Check out Flowers That Love Light by Bonnie.


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