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 Rhondell, whose work Sanity Island is based on, was once a very successful restaurateur. If you’d dined at Cattleman’s Steak House in Fabens, Texas, in the 1970s, you may have met him, and you’d know that he demonstrated the four facets of a successful eatery: Food, Mood, Service, Consistency. (Substitute “Product” for Food and you have the key to success in any business.)


We’ve found a few places that nourish as well as feed, based on these four facets. If you know of one in your neighborhood, , we’ll link to their site, or give their name and location and your review.

 Yucca’s Hut East side of Hillhurst, a couple of blocks south of Los Feliz. A tiny “hole-in-the-wall”—yes, it really is just a “hut”—that serves the best Yucatan food anywhere. Family owned and operated, renown in Los Angeles. Order steak burritos, tacos de conchinta (no cheese in this cuisine), pick up a beverage at the adjacent liquor store, and eat outside at the provided tables. Give her a little notice, bring your own pan, and Mama Herrera will make enough of your favorites for a party. (Map coming soon)


Recipes galore: Food Network, Epicurious

Dr. Bob’s Famous Chili recipe:

5 lbs. COARSE-ground beef (ask the butcher for "chili plate")
1 tablespoons oregano
2 teaspoons granulated garlic (not powdered)
3 tablespoons seasoned salt (Lawry's or other) or to taste
6 tablespoons Gerhardt's chili powder

Brown the meat. Add above ingredients. Simmer 90 minutes.
Add a little water if needed during cooking.
Before serving, add 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup sugar, stir well.
Add Louisiana hot sauce to taste (not Tobasco).
Can be reheated--gets better every day.

Food for Thought

Rhondell’s workshop “Levels of Food” Did you know that impressions taken in are a type of food? Images, events, suggestions... need to be digested--or disposed of. This talk is about the hazards of this kind of junk food.

Mystery: Did you know that food “picks up” the mood with which it’s prepared? (Check it out.) Eat a dinner prepared by an angry chef who’s yelling, slamming, and wanting to be doing something else—get a bellyache. Eat a dinner prepared with love by someone making it a gift to you—how do you feel? Sanity Islanders make cooking an Act of Love.

Good Food Delivered to Your Door


Organic produce delivered to your door (Los Angeles area) Organic Express


Free range organic meat, fresh not frozen, delivered anywhere, and they treat the animals with respect Alderspring Ranch


FABULOUS sweet corn tamales, delivered anywhere Sylvia's Fiesta


Magnificent fruit, sent in by Cindy S.: Frog Hollow Farm says that they are the "home to the sweetest, juiciest, organic, tree-ripened peaches you've ever tasted..." and we're inclined to agree! They also grow nectarines, apricots, pears and cherries (check their crop timetable to see when fruit is available).


Excellent free-range, organic chickens, raised on Amish farms, are available from Lobel's


Execellent barbeque sauce--hot, but not too hot and sweet but not too sweet (the best ever!) Rudy's


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