Lover's Lane

(This page is under construction. Will contain articles about love, relationships, sexuality, the real meaning, and use, of romance. These principles are not for everyone, they are "advanced" and esoteric, and generate both controversy and disdain. If you'd like a hint, click here.)

Articles & Workshop Transcriptions
"When I am PROPERLY Loved" a workshop talk by Rhondell
Sexuality a workshop talk by Rhondell

Chapter 8 from Life's Word, Regeneration

The Picture of Man using Eros as a Symbol

Leah's Page
Of particular interest to women. "Love" about a miracle. "The Motherless Child" if you weren't nurtured. "Her Majesty Second Force" that witch in our way. "The Dance" about Life's mysterious ways and the joy of it all.

Unconditional Love--an "ideal"? (article coming soon)


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