Two Worlds - Part 2


Not Everyone Is a "Neighbor"

Youíd hardly call the lady who got your coat all messed up the other day a neighbor, would
you George? She didnít act like one. Didnít act like a neighbor, did she? [Not at all.] Not really.
So we donít have those kinds of neighbors.

It's About Feeling

Now maybe we all maybe have a neighbor, somebody who got us to see a little differently
than we had seen. If we could get out of feeling bad, ugly, abnormal and out, that would be
quite a change, is it not? You ever have feelings of inferiority? You ever have feelings of guilt?
[Yes.] Fear? [Sure.] And all these things. Hmm? Do you see theyíve all been manufactured
for us? They were, they were handmade deals. And they sold them to us for free. BUTóif
you want to go to some professional in this group over here to get rid of those feelings, hmm?
That youíre bad or ugly or abnormal or out, do they do that for free or does that cost you dearly?
(laughter) Hmm? That costs you dearly.

You know, you always heard the old story about putting the fox to watch the henhouse. So the
guys who give you the feeling of being bad, ugly, abnormal and out, you go pay fantastic fees
to get over the feelings, isnít that right? Hmm? Youíre sure theyíre going to do it. Or are they
going to give you some more standards to go by? No doubt.

So comes along that thereís a lot of people that call up and ask questions, or they ask me in
person, how do I get rid of the feeling of anxiety, or how do I get rid of a feeling of inferiority,
or how to I get rid of a feeling of fear, or anger, or whatever, you know, they have all these things.
Youíre heard of them, haven't youówhether you've had them or not, youĎve heard of them. Well,
my statement is always, that you experience a feeling freely.

No Need to Pay Someone to Rid You of Unpleasant Feelings, Just Experience It Freely

Of course we donít try to get rid of the feeling we just go ahead and have it. I have it. So I might
as well experience it freely. Now youíre going to experience a feeling you have, even though
youíre kicking and screaming about it. Is that right? Youíre going to have it. You might as well
do it gracefully and say I have a feeling of inferiority, so I will just feel inferior for a while, Iíll
just set here an indulge in a feeling of inferiority, because it is an indulging, for sure and certain.
So Iíll just feel inferior. The minute you are really free to feel inferior, you know something?
You donít feel inferior anymore. Did you ever sit down to freely worry awhile? (laughter
) Just sit here and ďIím going to worry about this.Ē You start laughing. You know, itís all gone.
And letís say that Iím fearful. Well who am I that I shouldnít feel a little fear once in a while?
Most people in the world have, itís not fatal. If it was there wouldnít be any people living,
would there? Huh? Wouldnít be anybody around (laughter).

When You're Free to Have It...

So, if you feel fearful freely, say, all right, Iím going to sit here and be scared a little while,
(laughter) just going to get scaredóall of a sudden you canít find it. Itís gone, it disappeared,
it dissipated, itís nonexistent. But oh if you go to the shrink, and you begin to work diligently
to find all these fears that were implanted in you in infancy and childhood, and you had these
many traumatic experiences that you can no longer find, and you have to depend on dreams
and etc. and somebody to analyze them, to find themóyou can chase fears for the next seventy
years, if you should live so long. You can chase them. But youíre still fearful. So why not just
be free to have any old fear that comes by, I donít care where it came from, if it came from
grandmother, the father, or the mother, or whatever, who cares where it came from. Why not
just go ahead and feel fearful, itís all right, it wonít hurt you. Did anybody ever sit and feel
fearful freely? [Ö] Itíll go away real quick, why donít you try it sometime. [I worked on it this
week but I guess I didnít do a very good job.] Well, you werenít free to have it, you were
trying to get rid of it by being free. (laughter)


Itís like I told a man one day that if--he came in telling me his terrible problem with insomnia.
He couldnít get to sleep at night. He said I tried, I tried, I TRIED, I canít get to sleep. So, I said,
well, tonight when you go to bed, instead of trying to go to sleep, determine youíre going to
stay awake all night and listen to all the night sounds. Listen to traffic off in the distance, listen
to the dogs bark, listen to the birds that go by, and what have you, and listen to the creaking in
the walls and whatever. Just listen. So next day he came in and I said How about it? And he said
I never had such a good night sleep in my life. I slept all night. I said fine. So youíre over your
insomnia. He said sure, I know what to do now. So in order to get to sleep that night he tried
to stay awake, and he managed quite nicely, he stayed awake all night (laughter). You see, the
human mind is a great trickery device, because itís thoroughly conditioned. So now he knew
how to get himself to sleep, so he was going to do it in order to get to sleep. He wasnít trying
to stay awake the next night, he was trying to get to sleep by listening. So he stayed awake all night.

True Freedom is Free TO, Not Striving to Be Free From

So, we hear about something that Iím perfectly free to feel fearful. Huh? And itíll go away.
So Iím going to feel fearful to see if it goes away. And itís still here. (laughter). Is that right Marilyn?
[Thatís right.} Thatís exactly what you did. So when I say that weíre free to experience a feeling,
itís now, itís tomorrow, itís any other time. So letís put a simple word on it:
I am free to experience whatever may arise in my way today. Youíre going to.
If an angry
customer comes in, youíre going to have an angry customer. You might as well sit there and look at
him. Right Mark? If youíre going to talk to her on the phone, you might as well let her be. You know.

And, so if you experience anything freely, you have come up with freedom. So basically we always
think in terms of free from. I want to get free from this, free from that, free from the other thing.
Hmm? That never works. Any more than if I signs that said from Santa Fe, or, San Jose over the hill
here, I could follow those all day and all night and all day tomorrow and Iíll never get to San Jose,
is that right? Because if I followed signs that said TO San Jose, a reasonable thing youíd be over
there before too long. But if you started out to be free TO, which we are, but we have never
recognized it, free TO experience whatever may arise in my way today, you find very quickly you
have no conflict or struggle with anything. So Iíll be fearful, why not be fearful a couple of days,
you know, so what.

Feeling Inferior

Suppose you feel inferior. Most of us have come up with that nice feeling somewhere or other.
Some of us hide it from ourselves and think itís bad and we cover it up by trying to act superior,
but, so Iím inferior. So what. Iím comfortable that way. I donít have to live up to everything.
If I was superior, think of all these rules I have to live up to, I donít have to bother if Iím inferior.
So, I can go ahead and be inferior peacefully. So what? So Iím inferior to everybody. Far as I know
I have never met a person I was inferior to because I set a standard for it. I said the first guy I see
walking along with his feet six feet up in the air and clear space down there below and Iím having
to walk on the pavement, heís, Iím inferior to him, I havenít met him yet.

If I meet somebody and heís walking along here, his feetís up here see [audience does not get it]
his headís up there, and Iím having to walk on the ground then heís superior to me. But I havenít
met him yet, okay? [okay] is that right? I also figure that people who donít like me just have poor
taste. You know, thatís simple, Iím through with it then, they just have poor taste. [I tried that and
it didnít work either.] Well, you were trying to get over it. You werenít experiencing it freely.
See, you were using all the tricks you heard to get over it. [Thatís right.] You werenít free to
experience it, you were using trickery to get over it. Huh? [Right.] Now the tricks are only to remind
you, but not to be trying to live, youíre free to experience feeling inferior or angry or whatever the
case may be. Okay? Fearful, whatever. It doesnít make any difference.

A Question

Youíre asking a question? [Why even put a qualifier on it, like you say, he has poor taste, why not
just say he has DIFFERENT taste? Why put a qualifier on it, make a judgment on it.] He had what?
[Say different taste.] Well, I just donít think he has poor taste, except for me. You see, Clarence,
my mother said there was no conceit in the family, I had it all. Thatís where I put it out there, you
know, anybody doesnít like me they got poor taste, thatís all. Iím through with that, I can go on
my way then. Iím not trying to be good. Just going on. Iím free to be inferior, Iím free to be fearful,
and Iím free to be anxious. We all have those feelings once in a while, donít you? And if you do it
freely, without trying to use that as a method to get rid of it, but youíre still saying Iím not free to
have this, Iím going to use every method I ever heard ;of to get rid of it. Why donít you just go
on and be inferior?


[What about angry?] Why not be free to be angry, what difference does ;it make? Letís get angry
right now. You know something you could be ticked off about, couldnít you? Know somebody
you could be angry with right now? Huh? Letís do it. Letís you and I sit here andóyou get very
angry with this person right now, really work it up. Get your teeth clenched, get your hands, put
your feet down hard on the floor, grinch your jaw, be very angry at this old girl, okay? Ö Youíre
laughing. (laughter). Do you see, the minute youíre, the minute youíre free to do something, you
canít pull it off, okay? Right? Like worrying about something. Letís worry up a storm. Now if you
wereÖ [Iím not going to worry about what I was worrying about.] Well, Iíd worry about it, a lot.
(Laughter) Ö. Full timeÖ and you find yourself, youíre all out of kilter with it in a very short order.

Most People Have Not Discovered That They Are Free TO

So what we are trying to point out, that the minute we are really free to do something, not using
it as a technique now, okay [still got the technique going] You got the technique. You got caught
with the method. [Thatís right.] The method is only something to remind us, the point is Iím free.
Now most of us havenít discovered that we are free. We think that weíve got to do that first
decision I put up there this morning, the whole purpose of living is be nondisturbed, and Iíve
got to use some method to get rid of this little disturbance. Like feeling inferior or whatever it is.

So, weíre not trying to be non-disturbed, weíre trying only to be conscious. And to be conscious
is to be aware that Iím a human being and subject to every and any kind of a feeling and I can
have the feeling of inferiority without being in any great danger. So what?

So I feel inferior for a few minutes or an hour. Then soon as Iím really free to we canít even find it,
but, letís say Iím perfectly free to be fearful, Iím free to be angry.

Trying to Be Free From is a Constant Struggle

A man told me one time that you couldnít enjoy living until youíre free to be dead. And you
couldnít enjoy companionship until you were free to be lonely. That you couldnít be free to
enjoy good health until you were free to be sick.
Because if youíre going to sit around and
worry about getting sick, itíll get you there before long.
So I tried to be free to be sick, whatís
wrong with being sick, look at all the attention you get, you know. So youíre free to be sick,
youíre free to be lonely. Youíre free to be unappreciated. So what? Iím free to feel inferior.
When I have all those then Iím truly free. A free individual is living, the others are struggling,
okay? So when youíre trying to be free from something youíre in a constant struggle.
When youíre free TOóso Iím free to put up with obnoxious people. There one I have a little
trouble being free to and thatís bores, but you know, Iím getting used to that, too (laughter.)
That was the hardest one to work, boredom, boring people, you know. That took a little time.
But I had to get free to that also, because I run into my share of those as I go about everything.
That was a hard one, though, but theyíre there, so you can do that also.

Discovering Freedom

So then you have discovered freedom, and when youíre truly free youíre not trying to be
non-disturbed, you are pretty close to it. Okay? But itís a byproduct of being free, not of a
struggle to get free, and not finding some techniques to use, okay? The techniqueís good for
one time, like stay awake all night and listen to sounds. Once. Youíll go to sleep. Next night
youíll try to use it to get to sleep with and then it wonít work. You heard me? Okay, good,
now I got that done.

Okay, we will stop for a minute or two and letís have questions, comments, discussions,
words, challenges, what have you. Iím sure I made it as clear as mud. Yes maíam.


[UmÖ this, when you were talking about the baby and the wish to get back to the non-
disturbed state..] Now, determined that that was the whole purpose of things I put up thereÖ
[IÖ have beenÖ seeing the whole human race as I guess a single entity] thatís about rightÖ
[Iíve seen evolution, you know, the saber-toothed tigers back here and weíre still acting
as if theyíre running around] yeah, weíre still acting like a saber-toothed tiger is behind
every post, especially at night. Under the bed, arenít they George? [Right!] George put two
saber-toothed tigers under the bedÖ [Well I always figured that most of my life after about
age three was a gift because Iím so nearsighted that I would have been eaten by oneÖ]
Well thank goodness somebody made a little optical discovery and you can see all right, huh?
[And the tigerÖ] You can see the tiger. [If you keep your eye on him he canít hurt you]
(laughter) [Does it work, um, in other words, I guess what Iím asking is, can, would you,
make a (?) fitting together this development thing youíre talking about. Is it an evolutionary
thing, or am I trying to put two things together thatÖ]

A Few Evolve, Many Copy Them

No, I think youíre doing all right. I think youíre doing all right. I think the human race as
a whole evolves somewhat. Okay? But the reason they evolved was because of a few
individuals who did a job on their own. In other words, if you evolve a bit, thereís an awful
lot of copying of it. They may not get it all, but they get a little of itóOkay? If nobody had
evolved any the human race would still be wherever the saber-tooth tigers are, if they even
existed at all. So evolution comes about, thereís no ifs ands about that, of the whole race,
to some degree. But itís only because itís some individual goes to work to be conscious
rather than just go fumbling on.

Aiding Evolution

So if you would aid evolution a bit, you work real hard at being a conscious individual
who has discovered how a few things work, like freedom, and how there is two worlds,
and how that you can see the conditioning of the Not-Iís operating and you become a
conscious individual, you affect a tremendous number of people. I donít know how true
it is because I have no way of checking up on it, but a man told me that if there were two
hundred fully conscious people in the world, it would transform the whole thing. Not the
other way around, that if we all just sit here and say well, evolution will take care of us
after while, I expect that weíll still be sitting here the next ten million years, if weíre not
extinct by then, with the thing still going on. Because unless somebody evolves, as a
conscious effort, and it is an effortóthe material is simple.
The action and putting it to
use is a little on the difficult side, okay? It takes some work. But if we do that then you
have done considerable to evolve the human race. No matter how insignificant you as
an individual may think yourself to be. If you have evolved to being a conscious person,
even part of the way, you have done much towards evolving the human race. But not the
other way around.
So if we just sit and wait for it to happen, say, oh, itís going on anyway,
forget it. Okay? Does that help answer your question?

How Do You Know If You're Evolving?

[Yeah, but how can you tell if youíre evolving into a conscious person?] Well, you can
find out how miserable you are most of the time, kind of check up on it once in a while
(laughter) I donít think itís fearful and miserable, okay? (laughter) Conscious people
are not trying to be happy, or, they wouldnít trade places with anybody, but they are
what other people might call happy individuals. Because they are NOT in conflict and
struggle all the time. The unconscious person is always in a state of conflict and struggle.
The conscious person is not in conflict, okay? So you can find out whether youíve got
tight spots in your solar plexus, will help you give a pretty good notice, is that all right?
You know where your solar plexus is? Right in there. And if itís all tied up in knots and
jumping a lot, youíre not very conscious at that moment.
Does that help? Okay.

All right, next question, comment. Go ahead, Iím listeningÖ [No, I was listening to
the wind] The wind is beautiful out there, real weird sound, sounds like Halloween eve,
screaming around the corner as you fully expect to look out there and see snow piling up.

Da Vinci

[Da Vinci be one of those men?] I think Da Vinci was pretty well in the conscious level,
yes, from what we can read, I didnít meet the guy, but from everything I can see about
him he had pretty much on the ball. He wasnít worried about too many things. Heíd had
an engine heíd have done real well. But he didnít have an engine to put in his airplane so
he didnít make an airplane. And he made a car but he didnít have an engine to put in it.
Somebody had got there and made an engine everythingíd been pretty good. But he was
a little short of that. Okay.

Weíll put some other things here Ö practical world and the man-made world and real
world, and especially all the wonderful people that provide problems for us. (laughter)

Think, Act, Feel

It is interesting to see that we canít do near as many things as we think we can do. But
those things that we can do are extremely worthwhile if we use them. And if we just go
to sleep and donít use them very well, they can get tedious. You can think. I think
everybody here agrees to that. Can you not? You can think, you can act, and you can feel.
Somebody tell me something else you can do. Anybody got any words on it? You got
anything else you can do? [Create] Well, that's done with a combination of those some way
or other, isnít it? Weíre going to get there in a minute. But to do it you have to think, act
and feel. Can you think of something else you could do? [What'í remembering, how do
youÖ] Well, thatís a form of thinking, isnít it? Yeah, you can recall [Wondering] Wondering
is thinking, kind of gathering goat feathers, but weíre out there thinking anyway, we call
it thinking. [See?] Well, thatís an act, isnít it? Close your eyes and you canít see. So. Open
them and you can see, is that right? Huh? Okay. Can you tell me something you can do
besides think or act or feel. I donít think so. Iíve been struggling with it a long time.
[Observe something] Well, thatís an act of observing, is it not? If you donít perform
an act you donít observe anything. I believe thatís very well down there. We could put
all kinds of synonyms besides think, act, feel. But that still comes out the same thing.

Most People Feel, Act on Feeling, Think About It

So ordinarily we wake up feeling a certain way. Or somebody else comes along and
determines a feeling us by their behavior. You know, we meet a pleasant person and
we feel nice, or we meet an old grump and we feel terrible. Is that about right? Hmm?
Somebody calls you on the phone, goes blah, blah, blah, you feel bad, is that right?
And we have a kid around and the kid gets unruly, or belligerent or what have you
and we feel upset and angry and what have you, whatever the case may be.
So we have a feeling.

Now when we feel a certain way we act something that goes with it. We can all stand
and look at somebody, by the way they are acting, and be pretty well certain as to how
theyíre feeling, is that right? Can you look at somebody and say theyíre worried?
[Sure.] Or theyíre angry. Or theyíre upset. Or theyíre happy, you can do that, canít you,
every one of us can, thereís no way, we all can tell. We may not know exactly what we
read in there, but we can see it real well. Okay? So we feel.

And then we think to explain why we acted so funny. Is that right? We think up a good
excuse, itís all your fault, you did this, and you did that, and so forth. So, you notice
that that does spell a word (FAT) Most of this is going on in our head, so Iíll leave you
to put the appropriate word on it.

Feeling and Action Are a Two-way Street

Now, there is one thing that we can always notice, that feeling and action are a two-way
street, not a one-way street. As you feel, you will have again to act, but if you deliberately
put on an act which is under your control, you try to act in a certain way, you will begin
to feel like youíre acting. You ever try that one? If you act angry long enough, you will
begin to feel it. It
only takes a few seconds. Even though there wasnít a thing in the world for you to be angry
about. If you played sick long enough. When you were a kid and wanted to get out of
school, did you ever pretend to be ill so mama wouldnít get you up and send you off to
school because it was exam day or something?  Did you ever do that? Did it come up
sick for real after while? Ö

Think First

So letís use this a little bit different. If I do thinking first then I will ask How would I like
to feel? You know everything weíre all concerned with is how we feel, isnít it? Isnít that
what youíre concerned with all the time? How you feel. If you feel happy you donít go
worrying about it much, hmm? Itís only when you donít like the way you feel you sit
down and worry over it, is that correct? So what youíre interested in is how you feel.
So if we said, Iíll use my thinking apparatus here to determine how I would like to feel.
Thatís the first question. Well letís say that I would like to feel, very thankful.

I think another work for thankful might be happy. Is that correct? Possible? So I would
like to feel thankful. Now then I would ask myself how would I be acting if I were already
real thankful? Well, I would be going around with somewhat of a smile on my face, Iíd
probably be standing up erect, I wouldnít be dragging down.  END OF TAPE. 


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