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This page is under construction. Meantime, here are a few thoughts about The Law.

Some Sanity Islanders enjoy legalese and all that goes with it (The Second Way) because it's like a puzzle to solve, or they enjoy detail, debate, trivia, history, etc. Others avoid it as much as possible because they see it as Contrived Second Force and feel that there is enough Natural Second Force to deal with. Neither is interested in manmade "justice" or "punishment" because they understand Balance. In any case, it's here to stay, for the time being, and here are some Sanity Island remarks on the subject.

EVERYONE on the planet--including you and me--has never done ANYTHING that was not felt at the time of doing to be either right, proper or justifiable (DON'T believe this, check it out for yourself). (Justification often breaks down afterwards, but at the time of doing, any act is felt to be justified). There are as many justifications for anything as there are people on Earth. Sanity Islanders understand that they cannot apply this truth to themselves and not everyone else--if I feel right or proper or justified, then so does everyone. In which case I must allow them their rightness, properness, justification if I am to "claim" my own.

For this reason, there can be no justification (!) for punishment! If someone's idea of right is some degrees off center of my own, who's to say which is "more" right? Me? My tribe? How is it me and my tribe have more "authority" than theirs?

Meanwhile, we do have crime... violence against another. And we can't have violence running amok. Sanity Islanders understand that violent people must be quarantined until they no longer pose a threat.


At Sanity Island, there is a huge distinction between "rights" and "privileges." Anyone brought up in Western culture assumes he or she has "inalienable rights" including, but certainly not limited to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.

Really? Is this true, or even accurate?

A tenet of THE WAY of Intelligence is that we don't have these things as "rights," because, as a wise old man put it, "any joker with a gun can take these away." Although some will quibble that this is just semantics (and that's just fine), it certainly is a new way to look at things: these things I "have," including life itself, is a privilege given--which could be taken away.

Today in Los Angeles I several of the biggest grocery stores are either closed or have little stock because employees are striking for their right to free health care, thinking the $5 a week they are being asked to pay is a gross injustice. There are no busses or trains because those drivers are fussing about their rights. Fires are raving the hillsides and several were heard today talking about their right to government reimbursement, and the sooner the better.

THE WAY of Intelligence takes no political issue with any of this; it just asks if it is saner to think of such things as privileges--since obviously they can be taken away by somebody.

This said, however, there are four rights every human being does have--and isn't it funny how few take advantage of these rights? Even someone with a gun cannot take these away from you, because you can exercise them even while that awful (and rare) circumstance might be happening. Sanity Islander's four rights are:

1. The right to be in charge of my inner state.
2. The right to respond rather than react.
3. The right to place my own valuation of anything.
4. The right to freely experience whatever arises in my way today.

How many people do you know who could fill a book with perceived rights--all of which can be taken away--and have never bothered to recognize, let alone exercise, their birthright??

And by the way, it is also a tenet of THE WAY of Intelligence that the more we respect, appreciate, and cultivate our privileges, the more likely we are to keep them, enhance them, and gain more. Check it out.



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