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Because Sanity Islanders know and recognize the Four Dual Basic Urges (4DBUs), and want to avoid identifying with them, people sometimes think that comfort and pleasure, attention, approval, feeling a sense of accomplishment, etc., are to avoided. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a principle of THE WAY of Intelligence that the 4DBUs exist for all, and seen by most as the Purpose of Living. Gaining pleasures and escaping pains is not the Purpose of Living, they are byproducts or side-effects of living. We want to be free to experience them, not try to "be good" by avoiding the pleasure side and seeking the pain side (yikes!! Almost nobody on Sanity Island wears sackcloth and ashes!)

The principle is this: Enjoy what pleasures and comforts the life has offered at this Big Party on Planet Earth, just don't pay a price for them that's more than they're worth (and you determine that value); don't seek pain and discomfort and humiliation, they are here a plenty and will show up--be free to experience them when they do.
Here is what a wise man had to say about pain.

That said, know that if there are some remarkable pleasures available at a sane price, we'll put a few of them here. Some are scattered throughout our Facilities (on the Good Eats page, for instance). At Easy Street will be some that don't fall into other categories, like the following which avoids an irritation.

Free and Easy Fix for those intrusive gray "Windows" messages that interrupt you when online:

(Don't fall for the messages' scam that you need their software to get rid of them! It's a fib.)

Windows NT/XP
1. In the Start Menu open the Control Panel
2. Open the Performance and Maintenance or Administrative Tools
3. Double-click on Services, and scroll down to Messenger
4. Double-click Messenger and click the Stop button, which will stop the "service."
5. Change the "Startup type" to Disable
6. Press OK or Apply
7. Restart computer... no more message pop-ups

Windows 98/ME
1. Right-click on My Computer, select Manage
2. Select Services and Applications.
3. Double-click on Services
4. Double-click on Messenger
5. At "Startup type" select Disable
6. Press OK or Apply
7. Restart computer.

Easy map, inserted right into MSWord as you work:

Open MSWord under TOOLS, click OPTIONS, VIEW tab, be sure SMART TAGS is selected. Go to your file and type in an address, then hit Enter. A thin dotted line should appear underneath the address, on one line (not two or more lines). Hold your mouse over the line and click on the circled "I" that pops up. Now choose "Display Map" from the resulting menu. You can then put the mouse on the map, click right mouse button, "Copy" then close map site, paste map into your document. (Obviously, you have to be connected to the internet for this to work.) [Thanx Gary T., who found this "SmartTag" in Maximum PC Magazine]


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