"I don't know" Department

"The first bit of truth most people speak
--if they ever do--is `I don't know.'"

Sanity Islanders don't claim to know everything, nor even most things, or anything, for that matter, that they haven't checked out for themselves, and even then it still may be a case of "I don't know." They work hard on getting to know the answers to The Four Questions, and if they understand that, they're happy to see the rest as a big, beautiful mystery. And what fun, how interesting! Here are a few subjects that THE WAY of Intelligence does not address, because they either are mysteries, at the moment, or not relevant to maintaining sanity, or "just because."


Crop Circles (This one sent by Parry--thanx)


Dreams (Connie Kaplan has, in my opinion,  the best exposition of this mysterious, opinionated subject)


UFOs (Again, an opinion--my precious own--that Keith Thompson's book
Angels & Aliens is the sanest discussion of the phenomenon)


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