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Sanity Islanders know that health is a state of balance—or imbalance—among four factors: nutrition, activity, environment, and inner feeling, with an emphasis on inner feeling. Health is a degree of optimum of these four factors--a "more" or "lesser" degree, not "healthy-unhealthy".

When one or more of these factors is “off”—too little or too much activity; food that doesn’t agree, is prepared in anger, or eaten to satisfy some unacknowledged need; chaotic or radically unclean environment; an inner state governed by fear, guilt, anger, insecurity, envy, resentment and other harmful emotions—the body is thrown into a state of false emergency. Life provides extra energy to fight or flee the false emergency. Since there is no real emergency, the energy is not used, it roams around the body producing unusual sensation and eventually tissue cell alteration. This is adaptation and a decided gift to help use up the uncalled-for extra energy. However, since mankind was not designed to live in this state of false energy, it eventually takes its toll, causing disease and death. Sane people consciously maintain an equilibrium between adequate nutrition and activity, a decent environment, and at a minimum, a serene inner state.

Here are some recommendations to assist in maintaining balance.



Notes on Personal Integration & Health

Excerpts from workshops:  Acquired Super Immunity, Health & Healing, Addiction, Health & Moods

Marion Woodman

Especially for women: Today’s bright, achievement-oriented woman often “lives in her head” and drags her poor aching body around with her. If this premise is interesting to you, you will find an amazing adventure in store if you read Marion Woodman .


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"It is only in the state of attention that you can be a light unto yourself, and then every action of your daily life springs from that light--every action--whether you are doing your job, cooking, going for a walk, mending clothes, or what you will. This whole process is meditation..."
~J. Krishnamurti


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