Baggage Carousel

"You do not enter the house on the donkey which brought you here.
You leave it outside." ~Sufi saying

There are two requests made to those who would visit (or reside at) Sanity Island. First, that you don't believe a thing you read here--it's all hypothesis until you have checked it out for yourself. If it works for you, it's yours. If not, trash it. We promote nothing and are not trying to convince anyone of anything. Information is merely made available, to be taken or left.

The other request is a little more difficult, because of our nature, which is to compare anything new with what programming is already operating in the brain, and either to accept what agrees or argue with or automatically dismiss what disagrees.

You are asked to withhold this natural tendency as much as possible. Just read the educational information, drop the preconditioned response--you can always pick it up again in five minutes--and make little experiments for yourself to check out new principles. Or, just watch the preconditioned response (it will be there) and let it go. Your journey here will be much more rewarding if you do this.

Please leave baggage in the carousel, it will be safe and available should you leave.


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