There is a lot of educational material on the Sanity Island website,
none of which you should "believe," ever. It is presented, free,
for you to peruse, study, contemplate, and then
This can be done by trying to disprove it, by looking anew
at what's going on around you and applying the principles presented here,
and by designing experiments for yourself based on the material
--ACTING on it.
If it teaches you something, you may see it as having value, and it's yours.
If not, trash it.

Many, many people have taken a bit of information (or more than "a bit")
and acted upon it and found their very lives transformed. They now feel
confidently sane, and they know who is and who isn't.
If you're one of the former and would like to share your experiments
with others, .

Here's a talk on an "advanced" experiment/exercise for
those interested. Mountain Climbing.

Coming Soon: Now here's a real experiment! Just found out we can put the AltaVista translation menu right on our site. Apparently it will translate any page into French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. This is an experiment because (1) I can't read any language but English so cannot verify the correctness of the translation and (2) we use language very specifically here and a "general" translation of some word might be not the way we use the word at all (for instance, the words senses, feelings, emotions; or the various definitions we use of "love"-- eros, pia, philo, agape). If you can read any of the languages used in these translations, it would be much appreciated if you could take a few minutes to translate a passage (anywhere on the site) and let us know its accuracy.



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